Life Sciences Awards London

Life sciences include a broad range of sectors, from biotechnology and nutraceuticals to pharmaceuticals and food processing. It also includes life systems, environmental and biomedical technologies. Several awards recognise employers, education institutes, training providers and other professionals and individuals who contribute to the sector. These events recognise organisations, institutions and individuals that devote their careers to research, development, commercialization and manufacturing within the life sciences field.

UK Life Science Skills Awards

First held in 2013, the Life Science Skills Awards recognises apprentices, service providers, employers and individuals who contribute to the development of life sciences skills. The awards showcase excellence in contributions to training and skills development, innovation and creativity, and enterprise throughout the United Kingdom. Organised each year in London, the event attracts more than 250 guests and includes an evening reception and awards ceremony.

Categories at the Life Science Skills Awards include trophies for Advanced Apprentice, Higher Apprentice, Small Employer, Global Employer, Provider, Placement and Postgraduate of the year. Awards are also given for healthcare science, leadership in skills, and excellence in skills. Over the years, award categories have been sponsored by some of the most recognised names in the life sciences world, including The Science Council, the British Pharmacological Society, Actavis Biologics, Biocatalysts, Johnson & Johnson and others.

One Nucelus BioNews Round Award

The BioNewsRound Award celebrates the most significant, exciting and creative news stories from One Nucleus member companies. One Nucleus is an international membership organisation that includes companies in the life science and healthcare industry. To be eligible for the BioNewsRound Award, news stories must be significant for the company, patients and the life science sector.

Short-listed companies present at the BioWednesday conference staged by One Nucleus in November, where delegates vote for the finalists. The winner is announced at the Genesis Conference, which is typically organised in December. Since 2014, the award has been included as part of Genesis rather than as a stand-alone event. Held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, the conference attracts hundreds of practitioners, policy makers, trade agencies and others active in the life science and healthcare sectors.

SCRIP Awards

Since 2004, the annual SCRIP Awards are open to research-based pharmaceutical or biotech companies. The awards celebrate achievements by UK and international businesses, as well as third-party or partner companies that supply services to the pharmaceutical industry. The SCRIP Awards are traditional staged at the Lancaster London Hotel in late November or early December. The annual event is organised by SCRIP Intelligence, a source of news and strategic analysis for the pharmaceutical industry.

Award categories for the Scrip Awards generally include Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials, Best Partnership Alliance, Best Advance in an Emerging Market, Best Company in an Emerging Market, Best Contract Research Organisation, Best New Drug and the Scrip’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Awards are also given for Financing Deal of the Year, Clinical Advance of the Year, Licensing Deal of the Year, Biotech Company of the Year, Executive of the Year and Pharma Company of the Year.

Advancing Healthcare Awards

The Advancing Healthcare Awards serves as the UK awards programme for allied health professionals and healthcare scientists, as well as others who work alongside them. The awards celebrate projects and individuals that lead innovative healthcare practice and improve patients' lives. Unlike other life sciences awards, the Advancing Healthcare Awards are open to all professionals and scientists in the healthcare and life science sectors. The event is organised by Chamberlain Dunn, a specialist design and communications agency.

Typically attracting some 250 people, the Advancing Healthcare Awards features a number of award categories. Awards are handed out for clinical leadership, outstanding achievement by support workers and technicians, integrated care delivery, collaboration, performance measurement, among others. Sponsors include the NHS, Unite the Union, the Allied Health Professionals Federation (AHPF), the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) of Northern Ireland, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government, the Institute of Physics and Engineering Medicine (IPEM), the Academy of Healthcare Science (AHCS), GateHouse Learning & Development, Pulse and Caboo Design.